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Do you ever struggle with gifts for friends that have everything already? I do! How about a bride and groom who have been together years? There is no point getting them a toaster or some coasters.

So when Oxfam got in touch about #WithOxfam I was interested. It is a campaign aimed at brides and grooms, but you could send an Oxfam Unwrapped gift for many reasons or occasions. The “gifts” are basically promises of things to help people in places of poverty – you could buy goats or chickens, perhaps fix a well, or invest in an education.

Bride and groom goats

I know people moan about gifts like this, but think about it, how many new cups or crystal vases can one newly-wed couple use? You’d just be giving them clutter to tidy around? Oxfam Unwrapped gifts include chickens, I love chickens and know that the asking price of £10 is not bad for a hen. Our chickens have cost between £9 and £35 each – depending on the breed and age of the hen.

A little collage showing some of the gifts at Oxfam unwrapped.

I went on Oxfam Unwrapped and these are the gifts I like most.

So what is the point of my post? If you are getting hitched soon and you don’t want trinkets and housey gifts, why not set yourselves up with an Oxfam wedding list?
It’s not just about the virtual gifts like the promise of a pair of goats, in your local Oxfam store I bet you can find “something old, something new and something blue” but you can’t borrow from them. Oxfam sell wedding dresses online, but it depends on what has been donated recently – if you look and can’t find a dress that you like and would fit – look again in a few days. Or if you are a bride that’s willing to travel Oxfam have a handful of Wedding shops.


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4 thoughts on “What to give to friends who have everything? Oxfam

  • Helen

    Please do give a charitable donation as a gift. I ‘adopted’ a duck at an animal sanctuary for my partners valentines present and he loved the idea, but please don’t buy into the idea of buying an animal to help a family etc.
    A quick Google search will give you multiply reasons why:

    1. 75% of the world is lactose intolerant. 90% are Asians and Africans. This can cause horrible stomach cramps requiring treatment.
    More farmed animals does not equate to less hungry. In Ethiopia over 40% are considered starving yet they have over 50 million cattle.
    Poor farming leads to overgrazing and deforestation. In Ethiopia they are better off growing teff which is high in nutrients and protein, cheaper to grow and has less of an environmental impact. Resulting in the people being better fed.

    2. More animals means more mouth to feed. These family already struggle to feed their own so the animals are often neglected with lack of shelter and veterinary care. The food and water used to feed the animals would be better used on humans.

    3. Raising animals required 10 times the amount of water needed to grow crops for direct consumption. In many areas gathering water is labour intensive with kids and adults having to carry it on foot.

    4. Even experts are against it: Sean O’Neill of the Times of London explains that animal gifting organizations “are wooing the ethical shopper with pictures of cute goats wearing Christmas hats and promises of helping the poor in developing countries.”
    But organizations such as the World Land Trust and Animal Aid deem that “it is ‘madness’ to send goats, cows and chickens to areas where they will add to the problems of drought and desertification.”

    5. Charities can be very misleading. The donation you selected of thr cute chicken in a Christmas hat may be used where ever the charity deems fit rather than on your specific selection. Also schemes thst seem to help children often require the children to be taken out of school to help with the animals.

    6. According to charity Water Aid. They want motor powered fishing boats instead of their wooden canoes. They want to go to university. They don’t want to be hand pumping water and they ertainly don’t want a goat thank you very much.

    7. Finally the animals usually end up in a horrific slaughter process being shipped long dstances before eing killed.


    If you are considering joining in on a donating an animal scheme, please do your research beforehand. There are load sof resources online. What may appear as helpful can actually cause more damage than good. By all means donate to charity as birthday presents etc, just think first.