Woolacombe beach 7

Despite ending up at Woolacombe by chance it seems we landed on our feet. This beach isn’t half bad.
The car parks are very expensive at £7 or £8 a day but that charge helps fund life guards and “beach facilities” which it turns out means little trucks with 6 wheelie bins and you can even buy ice cream or chips on the sand.


Blokey and Jen.


Freya Woof.

The food and drink vans are pricey but equal to other beaches we’ve visited, captive audience and all that.


D, Jen and Blokey play.


It's hard being a dog. *sleepy hound*

I took Freya and the boys to the sea to body board. Freya is ok walking into the sea, just so long as she can see through the water. If it’s murky with sand swell or seaweed she gets increasingly anxious. D is pretty good at boarding seeing as how he is a city boy. Jen, well, he stayed on the board for seconds. Wave jumping is more his thing! This meant there was a spare board which Freya Woof was putting her front paws onto. She lasted about 15 minutes then cried so it was back to our beach tent for her.

D and I continued riding the waves until interpreted by a bit of a commotion on the beach. Coast guards, RNLI life guards and the air ambulance started a full on search as a boy went missing.
They kept searching the same patch of sea and it was horrible. All the parents were keeping their children noticeably closer and shortly after the helicopter went out most families left the beach.


Sunset from next to our tent.

Back at the campsite… Happy days!


After dark Blokey and I walked the few feet to the bar.

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