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This week a postie knocked with a nice parcel. A Pawsome box for Freya and Doris to share. It’s like a “beauty box” but full of doggy treats and toys not make up and lotions.
A random selection of goodies for your best friend, as a subscription box. A great idea I think, it takes away the dilemma of choice. I often end up buying the girls the same treats, the same type of toys – it’s easy to end up with favourites and not look at new things.


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In the box was a dog lollipop, which Doris almost immediately took, two packets of treats (Pet Munchies and Goodboy), rolls of dog bags, a squeaky ball, a flat cow and dog shampoo. Also a little booklet explaining about the products which also has cute customer photos.



My happy customer Doris wasn’t interested in being photographed. She kept shoving her paw in the box and was obsessed by this lollipop treat. These are actually an item I buy for the girls, but apparently it’s better when the nice postman brings it. It’s the same as the kids running at an ice cream van to buy Fab ice lollies even though we have them in the freezer. Kid and dog logic is so similar.

The best thing in the box was the flat cow. You stuff it with an empty 2L pop bottle so it crunches and it seals with some well hidden velcro. You can still recycle your bottles after your pooch has played with them (but the binmen will wonder what happened to it).

The least interesting thing was the doggy poop bags. These are boring but a staple purchase of many dog owners dog servants. I did actually need to buy some, it’s not fun but it is important to clean up after your hounds.

The most intriguing item is the Nilaqua shampoo. It’s described as “towel off” shampoo, you apply it to your dog’s fur and massage it in then dry them with a towel to take away the dirt. I love this because my girls really aren’t keen on baths or showers, Freya is afraid of large bodies of water like lakes and rivers. This means I can give them a routine freshen up without stressing them, this won’t completely remove my need to wash them with running water, for example if they get that muddy sock effect after going across the fields in winter or if they roll in fox mess. Marvellous, dry shampoo for dogs. Buy it!


The squeaky ball is pretty strong, a lot of toys really aren’t fit for purpose but I think this will last even against a pair of Salukis. It’s made by Pet Brands and looks like a cricket ball.

The cow is a perfect toy for sighthounds (greyhounds, whippets, Afghans, Salukis etc) as they love to hunt – even the ones that aren’t used as hunting dogs. It’s floppy and soft so it moves freely when shaken and that crumple/crunch noise is like a reward to them. I chucked this toy towards Freya and she pounced on it, shook it fast then crunched it until she was satisfied it was “dead” and flattened then presented it by my feet with a face that said “look Mum, I killed it. I’m a good doggy”. If you want your woofer to be able to “kill” this toy put the empty bottle in without a lid. If you want it to stay bottle shaped leave the lid on, squish the bottle a little first so it’s only got about 1.5L of air trapped inside. This means it will crunch in a satisfying way, and will move nicely in the mouth. Make sure the lid is on tight and at the opposite end to the velcro to minimise any choking hazard.

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Disclosure : I was sent one Pawsome box for Freya and Doris to test out. My opinions are unbiased and honest as always.

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