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If you have a dog you’ll know that they really are family and my pet dogs have always had gifts. Since the internet happened it has been very easy to get a thoughtful gift for dogs or for the owner.

Treat boxes.

If you are shopping mainly for the owners then monthly boxes are a good idea, Pawsome box for example. It won’t arrive in time for Christmas now but just send a card saying that Fido will be getting a regular gift for however long you chose. Use code blg49x2a to get 25% discount on your first box.

Pawsome contents December 2015

The Christmas Pawsome box *contains a squeaky vinyl Santa, a tennis ball on chewable rope, a seriously cute robin teddy, posh Biogance dog shampoo, chocolate orange treats, miniature Christmas pudding treats and some Trixie chews. As normal it has a little leaflet about the products, which is helpful.

I had a nosey online and discovered that Biogance (website is in French) dog shampoo is around £8 a bottle, which should give you a clue to the quality of the items they send out, all the toys this time are from Pet Brands who are a very popular manufacturer, almost every independent pet shop stocks this range.

Essential dog care items.

Another great subscription service is Wagglepets*, this isn’t about the fun things like toys – it’s a service that sorts out all a doggy needs. Food, chews to improve dental hygiene, poop bags, insurance and preventative items like flea treatment. This is obviously a higher budget than a box of toys but if your mum or someone close then it’s a gift that will keep on giving. The price depends on the size of dog, so if Mum just got a Yorkie it’s very affordable, if she got herself a full size Poodle you might need to go halves with another relative. Don’t forget that code JULIE50 gets your first month with Wagglepets* at half price.

Pre filled gift stockings.

If you are buying for the dog rather than the owner I’d recommend a dog stocking – we usually buy ours from Wilko for about £4. The contents vary slightly but they normally contain items like a tennis ball, a few rawhide or munchy sticks, a squeaky toy and some dog chocolate. This year though they have Halloween treats stocking, they were heavily discounted in Asda. Freya and Doris really care that it’s orange and black rather than red and green themed! Also in the photo below are some other things I’ve bought for them,  an antler to chew on (like a bone but less smells), the Christmas tree shape biscuits are lamb flavour and the reindeer are Marmite flavour apparently. .

Dog stocking fillers

A few dog presents.


I like to get the girls a new collar at Crimbo – similar to how a lot of people like brand new PJs for Christmas. They might not obviously need a new one Freya pulls so hard on walkies that she stretches her size 12 collars to almost size 16. This time it’s sparkling glittery ones, sorry girls! I choose 2 collars that are similar, they both wear the same size which makes things easy peasy. Remember though when changing a collar to get the tag off the old one as I.D tags are legally required. Whenever I get them a new collar they wag their tails like mad and lick my hands as I’m trying to put them on. I am probably wrong, but I like to think this is because when they were strays and unloved they had no collars but seeing a new collar is a signal they are still very welcome and “belong” in our family.


If you are looking for a good toy or two look in local pet shops for Kong brand toys. These are stronger than they look, our local police have Kongs for their working dogs. That is quite a good sign when a toy survives rough play from a German Shepherd that’s trained to bite if a criminal is threatening to hurt others. Also the Dogs Trust recommended them when we adopted each of the dogs as our girls were both chewing furniture and things when they were kennelled. The classic (red) Kong toys are pretty strong but the Extreme (black) Kong toys are ridiculously strong.

Silent squeaky toys.

These aren’t imaginary, although they are not sold In many places. Freya had a Hear Doggy penguin before Doris was adopted, and when Doris moved in she tried to steal Mr Penguin. The only Hear Doggy toy we could find locally was a yellow star fish, so that had to do for Doris. They make a blowing noise rather than a squeaky noise to us, but as dogs hear from a different sound range to us they hear a proper squeak. I’ve tried doing it behind my back and the dogs tilt their head sideways just the same as with a standard squeaky toy. If you know someone who has a dog like Freya who plays at 3am this could escalate you to BFF fast.These are worth paying extra for in my opinion.

Warm gloves and woollens.

From walking the woofers in the biting wind I can tell you decent gloves are pretty essential. Get yourself to Primark or the local market and choose something your dog loving pal would appreciate. Personally I love the gloves with the touchscreen friendly finger tips – it means I can grab a photograph really quickly if my canine buddies are doing something daft or cute.

Cattle dog sitting on Santa's lap

Happy WoofMas everyone! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you have any pooch present ideas?

Disclosure : we received the Pawsome box to review, and are Wagglepets ambassadors but I genuinely think they’d be good gifts. 

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