Parragon Book Buddy roundup

Once a month Parragon books send my boys or me a book or something bookish (like Life Canvas stationary) to have a little look at. Sadly it is a struggle to get my boys to read anything at the moment, which is why I am doing a roundup style post.

Books can make great presents, especially if you aren’t really sure what to buy. My personal favourite of these is the glider kit, it is so retro looking and would be a great gift for a school buddy or a young relative. I used to love getting books that weren’t strictly books – things like cardboard dress-up dolls or make-a-scene books.

Professor Murphy’s Stunt Glider*

Take to the skies with Professor Murphy’s awe-inspiring stunt glider. Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step book and everything you need to build a stunt glider with an incredible 60cm wingspan! Great outdoor fun for ages 8+, build, throw, fly, loop and glide!

Boy Stuff Paper Planes*

Paper is just for writing stuff on and doing homework right? Wrong! Paper is for folding up and throwing around. It’s for making an awesome airforce of paper planes and incredible flying objects. So, forget what you thought about paper, grab your planes and get ready to fly!
Paper planes set includes 25 planes to fold and fly, 50 mega stickers and an amazing instruction book with games to play.

1000 Q&A*

Want to know why? Why do some dads go bald? How do we change the world? When did the dinosaurs die out? What is that terrible smell? Get the Who? What? Where? When? and Why? of just about everything with 1000 awesome answers to the coolest questions!

Troll Two Three Four (Picture Story Book)*


The trolls are coming! When the trolls march from Troll Land into People World, everyone runs to hide. Can one little boy help the trolls and humans to get along? Find out in this funny yet heart-warming story of fear, acceptance and friendship.

Dino Supersaurus: Build and Play*


Kaboom! T-rex and the evil Sinistaurs are on a mission to destroy New Dino City…again! Get busy building your heroic 3D Supersaurs and help them save the day! Charge your dinos up with superpower add-ons. Your activity book has simple step-by-step instructions and is packed with awesome activities, supercharged scribbling and cool colouring. So get ready to take on the evil Sinistaurs and save New Dino City!

Football Superstar Sticker Scene with Over 90 Stickers*


Become a football superstar with our Football Superstar Sticker Scene. Fill in all-action match scenes with your awesome stickers.  Check out fun facts and top footy tips. Play the championship board game with a mate and see who will be man of the match.

Gold Stars factivity – Inside your amazing body

Factivity brings a fresh and accessible approach to children’s reference, with a highly-illustrated mix of educational content and fully-integrated puzzles, activities and experiments.



Disclosure : We have been kindly sent these books by Parragon. The descriptions and cover art are from Parragon press releases. The links marked with an asterisk * are affiliate links.

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