WIN (ended) – Scrapbook by Me from Parragon Books 14

As a Parragon Book Buddy my sons receive books to review, however this time it wasn’t suitable for my sons so I am giving it away on this post. I checked Parragon don’t mind. It’s lovely, but it’s just not boyish! If I got this as a gift 25 years ago I would have loved it. The giveaway is via Rafflecopter, and only runs a few days as I hope it will be with the winner before Christmas. a Rafflecopter giveaway Shared on Loquax.

Letters From Santa by the NSPCC 1

I like to help charities, particularly ones I have experience of, and more so at Christmas! As a teen the NSPCC were my legal guardians, so rather than writing a letter from “Santa” for my boys I get a lovely one from the NSPCC website in return for a donation. The suggested donation is £5 and you can choose more or less if you wish. Every year online I see people selling “letters from Santa” where people are just printing out their own scripted letters and changing the names and ages – not very personalised really and that money goes straight to that seller. With the NSPCC letters to Santa the actual letters are awesome AND it’s not money to someone’s pocket, this helps real kids. (Trust me!) The Letters from Santa section on the NSPCC site lets you make your letter. You tell them some basics, first name, surname, favourite things, and a […]

Christmas Shoe Boxes 5

After years being a bit anti the charity shoe box schemes I’ve decided I will give a box to a girl overseas. This change of heart is entirely MichelleTwinMum’s doing. Last year she went with Operation Christmas Child, (or OCC for short) to Belarus to see how they operate and who gets the shoebox parcels. You can read all about it on Michelle’s blog by clicking on the link here.

Christmas Shopping 5

I’ve made an early start on Christmas presents and have a few people’s gifts sorted already. The gift I’m proudest of, and a blindingly good price are these photos for family. The photo collage prints cost 99p each for 10 x 8 inch on snapfish, and the frames are from poundland, and it’s a real glass window on it, not perspex as I would have expected of a cheap item.

The last day of Christmas 2

Just a gentle reminder that tomorrow is officially the end of Christmas and it’s traditionally bad luck to have decorations up past then. This isn’t my tree, it is the one from the city center! All our decorations are away except the tinsel wrapped on my cherry tree. Anyways, happy new year you lot.

Santa Has Been But..

He was a bit annoyed the kids have been fighting all day and didn’t tidy up like they promised him when they saw him a fortnight ago. All the gifts are under the tree but….. Tree is fenced off. Nice gifts. That’s right boys. Santa has put you both on the naughty list. Christmas is not cancelled, I just want some manners and respect.

Christmas Eve Eve 2

Tonight we’ve been playing Uno and Monopoly Deal card games. Cheesy Christmas songs and then the new “War Of The Worlds” cd again. Not traditional as such, but kids chose war of the Worlds, believe it or not. Jen is a bit obsessed by it, but I remember I wore out my mother’s record copy of the original! Takes after me. We were playing cards for hours. Monopoly deal is much easier than the board game. I recommend it a lot. Its no good for Jen but he isn’t good at maths or reading yet – he’s four years old. D is great at this though. Basic point is some cards are properties like the four black train stations and super expensive dark blues and some are wild cards, a property card with more than one property but you must chose what colour you are using it as. See the […]

Christmas cake minus booze 2

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a little unusual. I am allergic to alcohol. I can’t consume it without being ill and large amounts or spirits could kill me. Excuse the image quality. My partner is going to make me a cake, will look and smell like Christmas but won’t hurt me. He can be so sweet sometimes. He has Googled a recipe then bought ingredients, we were going to buy a cake but the labels on shop crimbo cakes aren’t helpful. The non alcoholic wine was “just because”. He said hang on and ran back a few aisles and tried to sneak it into trolley. I know if alcohol is added during cooking I’ll feel ok, if fruit was soaked in booze as is traditional I will be rather unwell. If the booze is a flavouring such as in a cream filling, or in icing I would also be unwell. […]

Christmas is like Marmite

Christmas is like Marmite, but I can’t decide if I love or hate it. On the love side I’m in love with the almost romantic idea of Christmas, family being together. Children getting presents, adults eating posh food and falling asleep during the Queen’s speech… advent calendars and decorated trees. Does all sound lovely….But in reality, I suck at Crimbo. I’ve no idea how to make it feel like Christmas anymore. Everything has got so commercial, spend spend SPEND. Kids all bragging on end of term about whose parents spent the most, and how big their tree is, and that their uncle Steve always gives them £30 in his card. Where is the love? Personally I struggle and we try really hard to afford nice things for the boys. This year by “couponing” we got D something on the top of his Xmas wish list (ransom note). It’s a Lego train […]