Christmas wish list for my Pets

I saw via Twitter a blogger challenge to create a dream stocking of £200 for your pets. The main rule is any items from the site, but not more than £200, I’ve managed to get just pence under that target.

This is an old post, and I have removed all the links now, but I don’t want to totally lose this post as it contains a photo I don’t want gone forever. 

The details are here on GJW Titmuss website. I think its a really generous competition, and I’m tempted by some of the items on the website. Below I have copied my basket.

We have 4 pets. Dotty, a very elderly rescued Guinea pig, Patch the rabbit, and Tikka and Fajita our young hens.

Tikka and Fajita are in a brand new home, unlike Patch and Dotty.

Dotty lives in an old and slightly damaged indoor cage in my living room, he was outside for a short while but he is very much in need of company and was distressed outside. He would love a new home I’m sure, I have chosen a Ferplast indoor Bunny cage, as its very similar to his current accommodation, but bigger. The photo here shows Dotty the weekend we rescued him in May, talking to my son D.

I have put a wooden bunny hutch as the big thing for Patch. His hutch was damaged greatly in the recent bad weather, so needs a hutch. This one is not massive, but I really like that the underneath of the hutch doubles as a small run. So in dry weather I can pop the whole thing onto the lawn, but in wetter weather he would remain on the patio.

As I mentioned Tikka and Fajita do not need new accommodation, but the Chicken gym products sound fun. As there aren’t many chicken toys, I’ve added in a big sack of corn feed, my partner buys them “layers pellets” and they look so boring for the girls to eat.

Next up a bag of Wheat grass seeds. You would not believe the mess two hens and a big bunny can make! Anything to help me fix the garden, and coming from an online pet store, I know its suitable for the animals to eat the grass too.

A brush, to brush Dotty of course. 🙂
From then on in, its toys and treats that Dotty and Patch can share. I also thought my Chick’s might like the Veggie Mobile, I can clip it to the wire roof of the run on their coop.

Prices and links all deleted as were way out of date.

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