#PKTMNYparents blogger challenge 6

I just read a blog post on BritMums asking parent bloggers to say what our children do or would do, with pocket money.
So here is my entry for the BritMums and pktmny blog challenge linky.
For D it’s always the same, his pocket money goes into his bank via standing order each week and he saves until he’s reached his goal. The main thing he saves up for is Lego. D is obsessed with Lego, but only likes certain ranges….the lad knows what he wants! Normally when he’s just short of the RRP of the model he wants we have to check in local shops,  then Google to make sure it’s a good deal.
Last year he saved most of the year and bought himself a Nintendo 3DS in blue. He again knew what he wanted, and we searched online and in town for the best deal for him.
He decided it would be best to wait a week for delivery but save £15 and get a game with it also.
How would your child spend their pocket money? Tell us to win £250! | The BritMums Blog

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