Comic Relief, Team Honk and #GoodWork 6

These three lovely ladies are off to Ghana to check out the work Comic Relief have been doing. It’s comic reliefs 25th birthday this year so good timing for a blogger party.

I’m supporting them, and I’ve asked for a digital post card. This means whilst the lovely team honk are over there in Ghana they will take lots of photos for other bloggers to share, to help this get spread to more readers.
Team honk are @mummybarrow @aresidence and @mammasaurusblog from twitter.

If you haven’t a clue what I’m on about go to and have a read… And then go and buy a Red Nose if you like.

Personaly I struggle to watch charity adverts, and am much less able to watch an epic show like comic relief or children in need. I just cry and feel guilty, unlikely Team Honk. Seriously good on them for getting on the plane and doing this!

I will try to watch comic relief this year, because of you team honk!


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