Honk! I’m in the #TeamHonkRelay for Sport Relief 5

If you don’t #TeamHonk are Alexander Residence, Mammasaurus and Mummy Barrow. Last year they went to Ghana and were quite frankly awesome. That was for Comic Relief, but this slightly daft brilliant Lands to John O’Groats blogger relay walk/skip/dance/run thingamybob is for Sport Relief.

The relay started in Cornwall a few days ago, and has already raised a lot of money, seen funny dress up outs and outrageousness a plenty, but I get involved in February.

Some photos from the bloggers who have already done their “leg” of the relay can be found on the team honk photo page, and the master plan of the massive route is also on team honks site, and it is a little epic.


Will my lazy Freya make it very far?

What am I upto you ask? Well it’s Sport relief, but I just think of comic relief so need to look a bit silly … So I am walking from Gloucester city center towards Cheltenham for team honk, I’ll be in slightly eccentric Glawster Rugby fan get up, as will my dog. I couldn’t walk this distance alone (around 6 to 7 miles) as I would likely have panic attacks. So my Freya Woof will be tagging along in a Gloucester rugby shirt modified to fit her canine curves, which I hope to get personalised with her name.

Does anyone have a spare shirt? Please? I’ve only got a couple of weeks to look so wacky that locals want to stop me, ask what I am doing or text the magic text donations number. If anyone wants to join in see team honks site, and if you want to sponsor myself, PinkOddy, or SarahMo3W please see my side bar.

See the social media tag ‪#‎teamhonkrelay for photos, insider info or funny updates or read what other bloggers are up to on the linky here.


Who couldn't love this hound?

Text HONK to 70005 and donate £5 to Sport Relief.

The first ever Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games take place from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March 2014. The public can join in by running, swimming or cycling their way to raising cash at over a thousand venues around the country, including the landmark events at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Sport Relief is a huge fundraising event which brings the entire nation together to get active, raise cash and change lives. The money raised by the public is spent by Comic Relief to help transform the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people both at home in the UK and across the world.

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