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With less than one week until winter officially arrives, most people will be starting to prepare themselves for the bracing cold conditions that are likely to hit the United Kingdom. Whether that means gritting their driveways or simply wearing an extra layer of clothing, British people are extremely thorough when it comes to preparing themselves against the cold and many will also take extreme lengths to completely adapt their houses to ensure maximum comfort away from the freezing weather outside. Here are a few ways how you can make your home incredibly cosy during the winter period.

Put Christmas decorations up

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s nothing more warm and welcoming than Christmas decorations. With less than one month until the big day, it’s now acceptable to get the tree out of the loft and stick tinsel all around the ornaments. Christmas decorations add a positive, happy feel to the family home and can certainly improve your mood after spending time out in the horrible British winter weather. Whether you simply put up the tree or place baubles and other items around the house, these can cheer you up after a long day at work and you will be overjoyed at how excited young children get at the sign of Christmas decorations around the family home.

Invest in a new bed


Is there anything more homely than a new bed? To ensure total happiness throughout the festive period, you could focus on improving your bedroom. A new bed doesn’t have to be expensive and is a brilliant way to boost your spirits and ensure maximum comfort and warmth during the winter. Bedstar are just one of the many companies who can provide you with a new bed, including the new Sleepeezee range. You can find out more about Sleepeezee beds and get a promo code here – which can help you to save money at a very testing time for many families across the United Kingdom. A new bed isn’t necessarily a must but this is one of the best ways to guarantee that you have a peaceful and relaxing festive period.


Buy candles for around the house

christmas candles on the morning table

Christmas candles on the morning table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Candles are yet another way to introduce heat and cosiness to the family home. While we wouldn’t recommend placing these in the vicinity of younger children, they help to create a nice ambience in family areas such as the living room and dining area. The natural smell of these candles can boost the mood and atmosphere in your house and they are an absolute must if you want to guarantee total cosiness for you and your family.


Written by Marie Brown.

So readers, how are you planning on making your homes feel cosy this winter?

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One thought on “How to make your house cosy for winter

  • Ray

    I love candles at winter time they make thing extra cosy. I’m on the search for a lovely scented one so it smells Christmassy, although I find some of the big brands like Yankee really overpowering.