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A few days ago I tidied up the garage, this reminded me my old bike was just collecting dust. We pumped up the tyres, gave it a bit of chain oil to make it usable and I wrote a note saying “free bike – needs TLC but works” then I left it outside. It wasn’t dumped, I could still see it from the garden. Hopefully the new owner will get a lot of mileage out of it.

yup, free

My sign blew off, but someone will take it.

The reason I tidied the garage will sound daft – as I was walking the dogs in drizzley rain I noticed a big bit of brand new carpet flytipped. I hate the “throw away society” we live in these days, so wasteful. I flung it over my shoulder and dragged it home. I’ve done the council a favour by having one less thing to clear up, and I salvaged it before it was ruined therefore reducing landfill. It is now covering half of the garage floor, it was 6ft by 15ft – why wasn’t this offered on Freecycle or to a housing charity? This would have been fine for a hall or bathroom before it got damp. Now it’s had a normal vacuum and a Vax wash it’s making the garage more comfortable for when I use the gym equipment out there.

A friend was given a dog last week, and I know what a dent on your wallet a new dog can make. Our Freya and Doris are fussy and we’ve got plenty of toys I thought they would love but they barely play with – so I’ve nicked a few. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they have now been washed and passed on to my friends doggy. It’s not much to look at but I’m hoping this little bundle will be a good “starter pack” of toys for the new woofer. You really don’t want the expense of all brand new dog things just before Christmas.

dog stuff

A squeaky reindeer, a Kong, rubber bones, ropes and other dog stuff.

I’ve been smiling at strangers whenever I can, and saying “hello” or similar if they are close by.

When driving along the main road between the city centre and the out of town shops during busy times I’ve been waving out cars that I don’t have to let in to my lane. I know from experience of this road it can take ages (20 minutes one time!) before anyone flashes or waves to allow you to move to the main road from the side roads. So I drive with a bigger gap between me and the car in front and wave out almost every car. The drivers I let out are relieved, you can see positive expressions as they pull out, although the cars behind aren’t always as impressed.

As a blogger I spend a lot of time tweeting and interneting in general, but for this week I am going to try extremely hard to be kind, even when people say stoopid things. I’m not saying I’ll reply to everything, but I intend to reply to anything I notice where that friend might need support. You know “I’m thinking I should have just stayed asleep!” – those kind of statuses. I’ll try to ask “how are you” more than I say how my day is going, and I’ll be throwing virtual hugs around like it’s confetti.

Oh and finally, by writing down these little acts of kindness Habitat for Humanity will get a £50 donation from WayFair.

What kind things can you do? It’s the season of good will after all.

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