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I am very happy to say I’m a wagglepets blogger. Yay! What is Wagglepets you’re wondering? Well it’s a subscription service for dogs with a difference – it’s for the stuff you need. The idea is your best pals food gets delivered to the door, along with treats, preventative treatments, poop bags and occasional toys. It also comes with pet insurance from MoreTh>n and with a clumsy dog like Freya in the house I understand the importance of insurance.

When she jumped out of the window not so long back it cost us a few quid, and it would have been more except she bounced off the greenhouse roof which seemingly saved her from broken bones. Just a couple of weeks back Freya needed emergency treatment for chocolate poisioning, she stole the advent calendar chocs, not a lot but it hit her hard. She was acting slow and confused – I thought she was sulking at being caught being a thief and told off at first. When she started almost shivering and had a very high temperature I was straight on the phone to our local vet.

Back on topic, if you are a dog keeper, think about how much you really spend on dog things each month. Food, Insurance, pest prevention, poop bags, new toys, tasty treats, dental or healthy treats…. it adds up scarily fast actually. That’s why I think Wagglepets is a genius idea – so much more than a box of toys. When you consider just the price of food and insurance a Wagglepets subscription is similar.
For example for Freya we pay £23 monthly insurance, approximately £25 a month for decent quality food, £2/5 a month for flea and worming treatments, I probably spend around £5/10 on non-essential treats, then the poop bags are about £3. Okay that doesn’t quite reach the £75 price that Freya and Doris’ service would cost but the tracker alone costs $99 (approx £65) directly from so you are quids in.


The first delivery is a starter box, think of it like the “getting to know you” month. Freya and Doris are both getting Wagglepets boxes for the next 6 months, and they received a rather cool tracking device – think FitBit for dogs. I am loving this Whistle tracker if I’m honest – I can see that they pace about when I leave but minutes later show as “resting” which is reassuring to see as Freya has separation anxiety. Whistle uses an app (Android or Apple) that I’ve downloaded on to my phone, the user interface is dead easy to understand and the hardest thing about setting up the Whistle was choosing which picture to use for each of the woofers profile pictures.

wagglepets box contents

This is a starter box (minus the food because that was a huge sack)

The box above is per dog that you join up to Wagglepets, in following monthly boxes the tracker will be swapped for things like flea treatments and toys – there’s no point having too many trackers. The treats this time were Lily’s Kitchen and Dentastix both being decent brands. There is a Wagglepets car sticker, and also biodegradable poop bags. Unfortunately niether of my girlies will touch Dentastix but one of the great things I’ve found about the service so far is being asked how things are going for my hounds. I replied that they don’t like Dentastix and we won’t be getting them in the future. with regards to the food, I was sent a huge sack of RSPCA brand dry dog food for Freya and Doris to share and asked to let them know if I didn’t think it would last them the whole month. Very friendly service and I wish more online shops or services were this darn good.

The price and contents of the box depends on the size of the dog – fair enough a Chihuahua doesn’t eat like a Great Dane after all.


Sounds good? We think so. Even better if it was cheaper right? How does your first month for half price sound? Use code JULIE50 to land yourself a discount.


Disclosure : Wagglepets* signed my dogs up as “awesomely average” members for free but I remain honest in my review. We are brand ambassadors for 6 months.

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