To the parents of the lively child in the waiting room 9

Sitting in the doctors surgery waiting for a Dee to have minor foot surgery we overheard the sweetest conversation between strangers. An elderly lady and a cute little ginger lad with amazing curls in his hair.
She asked him if he was a good boy for his mum. “You’re being good for your mum today. Are you always this good? I bet you’re on Santa’s nice list aren’t you?
His face lit up. “I’ve wrote a list but it’s not super long like my the ones my sister writes”do you think he’ll come for your big sister and give her toys then? “No she’s getting books and things.” Maybe she asked for books, or maybe he sees books as a bad gift but he was grinning as he said it.

English: A female doctor examines a child.

A doctor examines a child. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was adorable listening, he pretty much recited everything he was hoping for and then told the lady that Father Christmas probably had her on the lists too and that she might get some books and bubble bath. A big smile came over the woman’s face and she played along some more “oh I do hope so. I’ve been really busy being good all year, do you think I’m on the naughty or nice list?

“You’re nice so you’d be on the good list will you?” They carry on the sweet chat for a few more minutes, with the boy almost shouting happily that a stranger is being this interested in him. It goes quiet and back to the normal waiting room noises, sniffling adults, a grumpy toddler and a whistle from a deaf chap fiddling with his hearing aid.

“MUM Mum LOOK! It’s her, that nurse what stabbed me!” The whole room start listening. “She stabbed me. She made me cry she did. She looks nice but she hurt me. She shoved a huge needle in my arm!”
Little laughs are muffled by a few adults, very British… no one wants to make a fuss. I just want to give the little guy a massive hug, he was so entertaining and friendly. Of course I don’t but I was tempted. The mum was busy looking after the sister who was the patient, rather snuffly and rather sad. It would have felt wrong to interrupt them, but to those parents I want to say your son is adorable. So polite, even when being a bit cheeky about his sister.

To the parents of the lad in the waiting room, thank you for the smiles! You’ve raised him well. What an absolute darling of a child.

To anyone wondering about Dee, he was fine when we were finally called through an hour later. The operation itself was fast and easy, it was the anaesthetic he didn’t like. I was expecting him to be uncomfortable or in pain as it was healing but he was amazing once he’d figured out how to get his much loved AirWalk trainers on over the bandaging! So teenage.

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