Easy sew dog outfits

This Halloween I’ve decided to do things a little different, and I have made the girls outfits. This is Freya’s third Halloween here and Doris’ first so I thought it would be sweet if they matched.

I’ve altered a blue mini dress of mine to be a Star Trek TOS uniform so the hounds are also joining Star Fleet.

dog coat

I bought a red fleece blanket from Ikea and some iron on logos from eBay, I already had the velcro and buttons. Fleece blankets are ace for lazy sewing projects because it doesn’t fray. Look for the blankets that aren’t seamed, these are the best ones to go for.

The shape to cut out is similar to a horse saddle but leaving two longer bits at the front. On the left I stitched the Trek badge, on the left at the neckline I stitched on two buttons to represent the rank.

At the rear I attached a strip of the fleece folded in half to make it stronger,  and then the velcro at either side. The front it fastens at the chest by a simple knot.

Star Trek outfit Trekkie Doris Woof Fleet

Set your phasers to wag!
Do you dress your pets up for Halloween and other events?

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