I hate it when he’s not home

My OH is away for work at the moment. Whenever he’s not here either I don’t sleep or the kids don’t. Last night was them, tonight just little one and myself awake, he’s been hard screaming and crying.

Crying so hard he’s been almost crying too hard to remember to breathe then does that choking on thin air thing. Won’t make any sense to most folk I’m sure, but other parents will probably know exactly what I mean!

Jen and I are currently watching the film “Dan in real life” in bed. Lights off and TV on timer but I think I’ll nod off before him!

It’s awful when my babe is ill. He can talk, and in fact often will not shut up, but right now all I’m getting is “mummy hug me” “don’t let me go” and so on. Very sweet, but not that helpful!

So glad he’s home tomorrow and things get back to normal! I can’t cook, I feel a bit unwell from my own cooking this evening but I know that’s not Jens problem, he had pasta….. hope i can’t get that wrong?

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