Its Honk time 8

Its team honk time…
If you found this page via a flyer #TeamHonkGlos gave you, thank you for dropping by! Donating is easy, go to (yup, those capital letters are needed) and fill in the form. Maybe shake your handbag out and pledge whatever loose coins you have? It all adds up, and we don’t care if its not a round number. You can write in your own amount, whether it is £1.42 or £5 team honk will be most grateful.

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#TeamHonkGlos kicks off on Tuesday. That’s really not long and we are well under our fundraising target at the moment. Can you spare a pound or two please? Or maybe you could social media share our sponsorship link? Or simply share or reblog this post?

On Tuesday, at roughly noon I’ll be met by Team Honk Bristol, on bikes I am told. They will be worn out, poor things. I will be waiting in Gloucester city center, at the Cross with my dog. She will be in a Gloucester rugby shirt, and my outfit includes my rugby shirt, a red and white stripey jumper under the shirt, a red and white stripey (Santa style) long hat, a Gloucester scarf, a “cherry” and white mini skirt, red leggings, team kit red and white songs, red and white W7 crackle nail varnish and if I can find any face paint I’ll put stripes on my face!

Click to see the CURRENT fundraising total.

This was the total at 11pm on 6 Feb…. click to see the total right NOW.


Oh yes, I will look special. All for charity though, so looking dumb is fine! Right? I hope to be met at the Cross by the stewards of Gloucester Rugby for a bit of local back up!

When I’ve got the #TeamHonkRelay baton from Bristol I will be walking towards Cheltenham, with the planned end point of my walk being Chosen Hill school. I am hoping to get the school involved somehow, before Sarah takes the baton for a ten mile run to meet Joy who’s going to be in a Mr Blobby outfit.

Team Honk is trying hard to change lives by supporting comic relief and sport relief. At the moment the entire UK wide team honk relay, the bloggers, the relayers, the social media sharers, and the sponsors are up to a HUGE £14k!!!!


If you want to see something official check this out…. A video uploaded by comic relief’s official account. Yay!

Thank you!

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