Kelo-Cote Scar Treatment

At BritMums I met the Kelo-cote team, and they gave me a little sample. I then lost that, and they kindly offered me a second sample. Thanks guys!

Kelo-cote gel is a skin repairing silicone gel. You dab it (not rub) over scars to reduce redness and the texture of scars. I tried it on several scars, I scar very easily so was spoilt for choice. This costs £29.99 for a 15 gram tube, or £89.99 for 60 grams. Yes I know that’s expensive, but it’s cheap if your scars upset your daily life.

Before photos.




Sadly my camera lets me down here. I see a difference, mostly in texture, not visibility, and my mobile phone just can’t capture it.
It made no difference to the mark under my bra unfortunately, but that was a tall order as it has blood flowing to it.
The injection mark on my leg has faded, but not totally gone. It’s more pink than red now.


The big purple raised scar on my leg doesn’t look much better but it feels better, smoother and flatter. It’s still very visible but it no longer leaves a bump underneath tights. Depending on the denier though, you can still see it.

I’ve been using it on my face too, although not photographed, I scar stupidly easily, and I have scars from plucking my eyebrows. Seriously, I scar that easily! Anyway, I’ve been dabbling a little Kelo-cote on my brow area before make up, and I’m impressed! I can see a big difference, not enough to ditch my make up yet but it’s promising, very promising.

My opinion is if it’s a surface scar, a scratch, a nasty insect bite, a small graze type scar, minor burns, it would clear it up or fade it a noticeable amount. Big scars like, crash injuries, the dog bite, some domestic violence caused scars (over a decade old, but still a daily reminder) and traumatic sort of deep scars did not work so well for me.

In general I love it 8 or 9 out of ten. I would certainly recommend it to readers with normal scars, bunny scratches, bicycle related grazes, and similar. But for deep scars I’d say it’s much less effective. Not useless, but much less change than the other scars.

I would love to try the Kelo-cote spray for my face, its a bit pricey at £89.99 for 100ml. Can someone please give me £90? 😉
This is me, without make up… Without photo trickery. A naked face doesn’t happen often for me. See my eyebrow area? Yuk!


I was given a free sample of Kelo-cote gel, but have not been paid to write this. Words and opinions are my own. For words from the manufactures see Sinclair is online.
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