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I’m sure you’ve all realised I’m a bit of a tree hugger, with a huge 11 trees in my small garden (and a Bonsai indoors) I can’t quite cram any more in.

So I’d like to encourage, nag, inspire or motivate you lot, my lovely readers, to plant a tree or two.

Picture credit, Woodland Trust

Trees Are Good!

Native trees would of course be better, but anything is a start. We are running out of woodland, and as a girl that grew up climbing trees I find it hard to swallow that in the area I live my boys have no trees old enough or strong enough to climb. The local council do have some big trees, along the edges of roads but these are lopped every other year so they never grow decent branches, they’ll never get much bigger. Of course this is preferable to them being cut down at ground level, a lopped tree is better than no tree I guess?

If everyone that could planted one tree per household this would be awesome. I’ve noticed a steady decline in wildlife in my area over the last few years, and I suspect new housing estates and “green belt” destruction are a large part of this. Trees don’t just help produce oxygen, oh no, those roots help reduce flooding risk by taking dampness away. We need trees for birds to nest in, for kids to climb, to sit under drinking Pimms,to stand against whilst counting to twenty for hide and seek, to give us fruit or nuts to feed animals. Seriously, there are so many reasons trees are needed.

Here are a few reasons why planting trees is a great idea. Landowners, schools and community groups might be eligible for free trees or other funding. So if you family own a field, please consider planting it out along the edges? It could make a huge difference to the native wildlife!

Why am I waffling on about trees? No, I haven’t been paid or bribed or offered anything to write this, it is simply something I care about. Ohh and I promised the lovely Woodland Trust man (Johanne I think his name was) in Gloucester city centre over a month ago I would write something about trees, then I forgot with all the skydive nerves and plans.

If you are eligible in any way for a free tree planting pack please apply fast, the deadline is September 2013 for this years packs.

Click to readFree trees for school, community and youth groups

We have 4000 free tree packs to give away to school, community and youth groups this autumn.

Bring your community together to do something good for your neighbourhood by applying* before 13 September 2013 ** for the chance to receive a free tree pack to plant in November 2013.

Each pack is worth £30, £105 or £420. All you need to do is find a suitable site and supply the volunteer planters and tree protection.***

Pre-school, school, college and university groups interested in a small pack of 30 trees should head straight over to the school pack page.

Community and youth groups, as well as educational establishments looking for larger packs should read on.

Seriously, that’s a great offer if you can get it. Pinkies crossed these trees get planted in “the wild” not just sold on after being grown bigger in pots. Even if you can’t get these freebies sometimes you can get trees in supermarkets or garden centres for about a fiver. That is cheap for investing in the future right? If you want something in return for your cash, just make sure it is a self pollenating fruit tree. it might take a few years to get going, but when it does you’ll get more than a fivers worth of fruit out of it.


Ps, parents have you heard of Nature Detectives?

Nature Detectives “150 things” for summer

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