How to make a guest book – WIN 13

If you’re at all like me you probably don’t like giving off the shelf gifts to friends. I like homemade, something with a bit of thought, love and effort in it.

So when Leslie at Decorque Cards offered to send me a greetings card I thought about upcycling it in to a guest book for a friends wedding. Please note the names of the couple are on the front of this card, which is why the top middle is covered in each photo, I don’t want to ruin it.

Decorque cards

Paper, scissors, ribbon.

I gathered what I needed for this project…
A cute greetings card. (This one by Decorque Cards can be found here .)
Good scissors.
A ribbon.
A hole punch.
Some glue.
Several sheets of nice paper.

Start by cutting the paper in to squares, or rectangles if it suits your chosen card – these should be slightly smaller than the card. Then carefully use an office hole punch and make holes at the middle of the folded edge of the card, and repeat on each sheet of paper. I chose pressed flower paper, each sheet is unique – some are clearly pansy petals, while others have long thin petals.

Pressed flower paper and water colour flamingos

Holes in the right places, and decoupage heart removed.

Inside the card was a nice decoupage heart which I had to carefully remove. It would have caused a bump under the pages when guests wrote in it.

Ribbons, buttons, pretty paper. Yup, it's craft o'clock

Thread the ribbon carefully, but leave it loose enough to turn the pages freely.

Thread the ribbon carefully starting at the front, so it can be tied to a bow at the front which will allow it to sit flatter on a table when guests are leaving nice messages to the Bride or Groom. When you tie the ribbon make sure there is some slack or you could use a pretty piece of elastic ribbon – perhaps a long glittery hair band would do for this. If there is no slack the pages will not open flatly without folding them open and damaging the book.

Completed guest book.

The decoupage is now on the inside front page, not at the back. C’est Fin!

What do you think? It’s easy right?


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