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Quite some time ago I decided that I wanted the attic space to become an attic playroom for the boys – I got as far as adding carpet to our boarded out loft. It doesn’t quite allow for full standing up there, which is why at the moment the boys just use it to play with their LEGO train sets. It would be great to get back up there and really crack on with some with some work so that Jen and Dee have a play space they’ll use more often. We still need to use space up there for storage too but because of the angle of the roof we have a lot of wasted space, space I would like to fill with proper cupboards designed for silly spaces.

I’ve been looking on Homify for ideas, and this is a sort of wish list. I know a lot of people turn attic spaces in to bedrooms, but we know we aren’t allowed to use ours as one, something to do with fire regulations if I remember correctly. The highest point is not much taller than 6ft which also makes it impractical for a living space – but as a den it’s prime location. The kids tend to sit on the floor to play with board games and model cars anyway, so head height for them is less of an issue.

Firstly I need to paint the ugly grey breeze blocks at the roof ends white, to make the awfully crocked brickwork look nice and a bit quirky, rather than just a bad job that no one was going to see. I think this will instantly lift the feeling of the space, and cover the reverse of the tiles with something more attractive than the black plastic that is there now – I’m thinking wood panels that I can white wash a bit shabby chic, but remove them easily be unscrewing them in case we ever get a leaky roof. Also white washed wood would look great up against the rough painted white brickwork in my opinion.

Wooden panels

I think this would be great for the angled roof “walls” to be covered in.

There needs to be light up there, yes we have mains electricity wired in, but there is no natural lighting. We couldn’t do the usual attic windows on the tiles because we have solar panels on the front and back. The idea of a circular window appeals to me as my nan used to have one in her bathroom, also I think if you are working with odd shapes and angles just go with it and be brave.

A port hole style window

I would love to add a circular window in to the triangle wall on the end of the attic.

Next up I think we need to get some shelves built in to the trusses, and try to use as much of the wasted space near the eaves as we can. The best thing would be lots of long draws with soft close runners on them. Things like the Christmas decorations would be safely out of the way and out of sight for 11 months of the year.

Bedroom under Eaves : Modern bedroom by Collective Works

Something like this could work for us.

Furniture up in the loft is a bit tricky, you have to be able to get it up and down a ladder. We have a proper loft ladder that folds down so is at a similar angle to a staircase, but it is still just a ladder not real stairs and we need to fold it away when not in use as it blocks the upstairs hallway. Beanbags are the way to go, they are comfortable, lightweight and are easy to move about when we need something from the storage truss areas. Standard beanbags are a bit too floppy and relaxed though, they feel a bit too temporary – I prefer cubes.

Elephant cube : Sofas & armchairs by Elephant

With a few of these they could use them as individual seats or stack them in to a fun shape.

When they are both older and a bit past children’s toys, we could go “man cave” up there and add a pool table. The one in this image wouldn’t work for us as its a full size one – we would need to look at a folding one so we could make it fit.

Modern nursery/kids room

This is my idea of a playroom. Shall I break?

Then finally, THIS. No other reason than I love the idea so much of having a reading tree up in the attic. Somewhere to sit on the beans bags and relax.

Bedroom : Modern nursery/kids room by Room Service UK

A library tree. How delightfully weird – very “me”.

So, what do you think of my attic playroom dream? What would you suggest I do differently, or have I designed it just right?

This post is in collaboration with Homify, the images are theirs, the ideas are all my own.

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