Yesterday was fun! 8

After several months of silence and keeping a secret I broke it rather loudly.

our names on the big tv

Woo Hoo.

I put an announcement on the big screen of a televised and sold out rugby match.
Yup, it’s true. I proposed back in early January, I had it booked just 2 days later. I’ve waited many years, I wasn’t going to waste time planning. Haha.

happy selfie

Just me.... Blokey was very tipsy by now.

I’ve been rather happy all day. I wonder why.
The big day is less than 4 weeks away. All our own choices and decisions, we wanted to be ourselves and not do “what’s expected” or what our parents and family might tell us to do.


Earlier in the day I went to a dog show called Paws on Patrol.


Not sure Jen is sane.


Mucking about with props!


And a bit of a rest.

Good times!

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