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A little while ago Microscooters*  gave Blokey and I a scooter each. I take mine everywhere, including on holiday to France recently. I’ve been using it an awful lot on the school run, but also for things like popping to Co-Op for milk. My scooter has been very useful, and extra helpful when my bad knee is playing up. My right leg and knee are a lot weaker than the left, only about 30% of the strength according to gym equipment with weights or other gym machines that can measure your strength.  


Look, my shoes match my wheels

The idea was to have a scooter race on our wedding day, but after running a mile in heels my bad leg had given up on me. I cheated in that race, and stopped half way up the hill so I could limp back to the finish line.


So when we went to France recently I packed our wheels, seemed like a perfect way to get fun exercise, and I wasn’t wrong. The parents in neighbouring caravans in the park seemed a tad jealous when they realised that these were built for adults. Even six foot tall birds like me! 

I love how no one figures out I’m scooting because walking hurts, and I don’t want to just give in to my leg weakness, I hate giving up. (Even now I’m typing this from the gym on a bike trying to fix it, stubbornly pushing forward.)

Back to the wheels, they fold up rather well, and quite compact. Personally I never fold it, I leave it near the door so I can grab it and run. Jen gets annoyed though as my ride is better than his. I can also confirm from falling off, it’s pretty darn sturdy, just scratches. One of the best things about Microscooters is that they sell spares and have video instructions for basic repairs. I find that the cheaper scooters I’ve bought my kids are false economy – can’t upgrade or replace anything so have to scrap and buy a new one. I’d rather buy better first time. You can also get nice helmets and other safety kit from the Microscooters website. 

Julie and Blokey

Microscooters racing on holiday.

I know that these are not designed as mobility aids, but on the days my leg hurts it gives me a choice other than my car, I really can’t walk far on bad days. 

I think these would be great for Tube hopping commutes in London, and on bus journeys in other towns and cities – they fold quickly and you can just stick it by your feet. 

What’s not so good then? Well it’s the price, my scooter is £174.95, but now I’ve got it I think it’s worth it.

Disclosure : Scooters were gifted to me. The love for them is genuine, I’m not being told what to write.

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One thought on “Microscooters are for grownups!

  • Kim

    I have been thinking about getting a scooter for the school run….I’m really struggling to keep up with my girl when she uses hers. I will keep these in mind….