Jacamo clothing review by Blokey

The following review is in Blokey’s own words, and is all his own opinions.

Jacamo specialises in clothes for the larger gentleman, be that larger as in tall, or larger as in “well built”. I fall into the latter category being a 5ft 10 inch, 100KG round person. I’ve been shopping at Jacamo for many years even when I weighed as much as 150KG and was obviously a lot bigger than I am now.

Jacamo* is primarily an online purchase shopping experience. They have recently started to open stores (in the Midlands and in London) but none of these are local to me in the south west so I have to rely on their distant shopping experience. This means everything is purchased via their easy to use website, and delivered by a local courier company.
The website is very simple to navigate, with the clothing line split into categories and each of those categories customisable based on size, colour or brand. Most categories have a choice of brands, from Jacamo’s own budget line, to their own high end line, as well as well know high street brands such as Dr Martens, or Adidas. There are also celebrity brands from people such as Freddie Flintoff or sports teams such as “The British and Irish Lions”.

There are very helpful sizing guides included with the item listings on the website, and for the most part these are very accurate. On the few occasions I have had to send anything back for sizing issues, it’s because the garment has been bigger than the sizing suggested. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s a nice feeling to be able to return things and order something smaller than you thought you needed. Talking of returns, as the online shopping counts as distance selling (as in you cannot really try before you buy) Jacamo make it easy to return items for whatever reason by filling out the details on the packing note, repacking the items into the packet they came in, and then contacting the courier that delivered the items to collect and return the package for you at no cost. If you were to return everything for a refund, the only thing you would lose is the original delivery fee (£3.99) unless of course you take advantage of the free collect in store or collect at a MyHermes delivery shop.

As well as clothing, Jacamo offer accessories from shoes, to belts, to hats and gloves, to watches, to sports wear and sports bags. As with their clothing, these categories can be customised to make searching easier and again there is a mixture of their own brand and high street brands available. There are also Jacamo’s sister sites available, “Simply Be” (a woman’s clothing range), “Home Essentials”, “The Brilliant Gift Shop” and “Kids Division”, although each of these have their own checkout processes and delivery options.
As you browse through the website, you can add items to your basket or to a wish list to save for later. Once you have decided on your purchases, you complete the checkout and make payment via a credit or debit card, or alternatively you can apply for a credit account that allows you to spread the payments over a number of months (and like any store card you pay interest on any balances outstanding). Once you’ve completed payment, if it’s before 10pm, the items are likely to be with you the next day, or you can nominate a delivery day that suits you based on when you’re likely to be around to accept the delivery.

I have found the quality of the clothing and accessories from Jacamo to be at least as good as that I would expect to buy from a high street retailer such as M&S or High and Mighty. I like the fact that for formal wear (i.e. suits) there is the ability to mix and match sizes (i.e. to order a 48” chest jacket and 44” trousers) whereas a lot of the other websites and shops insist on selling suits as pre-made sets where I have to buy two full suits to get one that I can actually wear. As is to be expected formal wear really has to be dried clean, but the rest of their ranges can all be put through as home washing machine and tumble dryer as required. I’ve not yet had to return an item for any reason other than it doesn’t fit, there have been no quality issues for me to have to ask for help with.

Overall, I personally like the Jacamo* brand and shopping experience. As I’m still slightly too big to buy many clothes on the high street it’s nice to have a site I can trust and know that I’m getting good quality clothing and accessories, manufactured for a person of my body type and that I’m not breaking the bank to buy it.

Thank you to Blokey for his write up. I just want to add that Jacamo gifted him some items of clothing which feature in these photographs, but that he is also a regular customer of Jacamo, buying most of his clothing from them. It is an honest and unbiased post.

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