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It’s been a while since I was last at a festival, Jen was only a few months old it was that long ago but I really want to go back to festivaling soon. All the fresh air, “street food”, big bands and amazing little acts you’ve never heard of. I just love it! The tents, the sun, the booze and mud. It is kind of an accident waiting to happen but my word its fun.

The Pyramid Stage

The Pyramid Stage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Festivals do come with risks though, sunburn and heatstroke if it’s good weather, colds and flu if normal British weather, and then of course, mud related slip and fall injuries.

V festival

Me and Blokey at V 2008

The mister is not glad I am sharing this picture, he says it’s awful – I see fun though. We were exhausted, muddy, damp and having fun regardless. I look a wreck, and his facial fluffy has gone feral, but I don’t care. this was a camera phone selfie on the way to queue up to meet my favourite band, The Manic Street Preachers. I always go as a bunny to Manics gigs, like when I saw the Manics in Cardiff last year. Just after this photograph my outfit was autographed by the band, so much fun that weekend.


Mud at the Dance Village at Glastonbury Festival

Mud at the Dance Village at Glastonbury Festival 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For me though, I really really want to get to Glasto sometime soon. It is, in my opinion, like a Mecca for music fans. I need to go, call it a mid life pilgrimage. I’ll drag Blokey and the kids and have some fun. Download, Wychwood and Reading festival would also be places I’d love to go one day – but Glasto is the Daddy.

Be careful out there!

Be careful out there! Infographic by Pryers Solicitors.

Here is a little rant about crowd surfing by 6 out of 10 magazine, I don’t think my opinion and theirs could be any more different on this subject, but in the interest of balance, go and read their anti-festival post.

I love dancing in wellies, in a muddy field whilst under a big old brolly. Gone are the days of me drinking, but I am in a tiny sober majority at festivals. We heard a lot of people falling over tent guide ropes, and actually moved ours so the tipsy folk would stop shaking our tent.

Ah tents, it is a massive sea of tents, you do not want a normal looking green tent. You need it to be different, to stand out, or you’ll never find it after dark. Some solar powered fairy lights, or a flagpole flying a pillowcase with your name marker-penned on it. Do not take anything valuable that will not be on your person. Take a lame £10 pay-as-you-go phone not your usual beloved phone, and do not wear any sentimental jewellery. If you lose it in the fields you’re never getting it back.


What’s your views on camping at festivals? Are you a messy camper, a glamper or do you avoid music festivals?

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