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When I was a kid I remember getting dragged to the shops for the dreaded school uniform shop. It was my idea of hell, especially in my teenage years as back then there was no “tall” section. My lads are lucky in a way that I favour internet shopping for this, but then still moan about trying things on! They’ve got it easy, who remembers going into old department stores and being made to try on the “sample” uniform. Basically one of each size was on a special rail, they had “tester” and the size scrawled on them in chunky marker pen. I am certain these were never washed during the whole school holidays as when we went shopping (near September) the shirts were grubby shades of beige and smelled liked sweaty old socks. Gross! I remember the only good bit of back to school shopping was stationery shopping – I had a massive collection of pencils and erasers, but best of all were the left handed fountain pens. These looked broken but meant I could write in a grown up style.

Mabie Todd Swan 14k gold flexible nib

Gold nib fountain pen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think the lads appreciate how lucky they are to avoid the embarrassment of the tester rail. I’ve been shopping on Asda’s George section and have some nice finds. For big and little nerds there is an Underground lunch bag which costs £6 , a boys coat I think is a great deal at £8 and they even sell book bags for £4. Of course they sell the basics like school trousers, white shirts and school jumpers. I filled my virtual basket with 6 sets of basic uniform for my 7 year old, and my 13 year lads – why not 5? Well Jen is a right messy thing, and normally at least one morning a week I will have to tell him to put clean uniform on again as he’s wearing his breakfast! Always better to have a little bit too much uniform than having to sponge-wash and hair-dryer some uniform and still get to school by 9AM. I can’t just be me that’s had to do this right?

Basket screenshot

When I’m uniform shopping I often buy the kiddos new undies too, and saw these “game over” boxers which are great for my teen – pants are just not cool apparently. In our house the sock-fairy seems to be on strike, so I have to try to pair up all the odd socks myself, which is why I choose multipacks like these and these. It is immensely easier to pair up socks when they look a bit different. When D had just started in infant school we made the mistake of buying 10 or so identical black socks, sounds easier right? Wrong, when it comes to next year and you buy 10 more pairs of black socks you’ve got a massive problem. They look the same, but they aren’t, and D often was wearing one sock longer than the other. Poor kid.

Some advice I will give is never buy school shoes too early, you can almost guarantee a sudden growth spurt and those perfect brand new shoes will be off to the charity shop. Whoops!

Do you shop early, or are you a last minute panic buyer?

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