Phota Your Mota 2

Righty, another one of theses Moneysupermarket blogger challenges, love them! Can you tell readers?

This one is called “Phota your Mota” {Photo your Car} 😛

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Why do I love this car? Well because it’s MINE all MINE! My “mota” is called Custard, and it is a “she”. I have photo blinds courtesy of a TravelSupermarket blogger challenge I took part in a while back. I like that Custard is yellow, and easier to find when I forget where I’ve parked. On that theme I love that pushing the “lock” button twice on my key makes Custard’s horn squeak briefly, again great for locating her!

I like most of all that I can FIT in this car. I’m not the tallest person in the world, but I’m certainly not short either, and I have a problem with veins in one of my knees, and lower back pain. Most small cars (Blokey has a large estate car, so I only wanted something tiny) just don’t allow for these legs, Corsa’s, Fiesta’s, Mini’s are all no goes. My darling Custard is an accommodating 307 – her steering wheel moves just enough that I can sit comfortably, reach the pedals without causing the knee issue to be worse, and I don’t feel trapped. Fab!

In her normal surroundings

Parked nice and straight. Pretty little car.

I didn’t go “car shopping” I went to local second hand garages to “try the cars on” to establish which cars I could safely and comfortably fit in. I got some giggles from the dealers, they didn’t believe me at first, then I ask them to unlock all the small family cars to try for size and steering wheel adjustability. Ok, maybe this woman is serious?! *Giggle*


I love you t-h-I-s m-u-c-h 🙂

kissy kissy

Jen genuinely kisses Custard bye bye, and says thank you to her for “lifts”.

As you can see, my son really likes Custard, so do I. She is my first car, that’s right. I’m in my early 30’s and I’m an L-plate driver. I will get that full liscence soon, I WILL! *mumbling about the mean driving examiner making me super nervous last time*

For a first car, she rocks. She’s older than my eldest son, by a few months, but she doesn’t feel that old at all. Inside the interior is in great condition, and outside no proper dents or damage, just surface scratches. *glares at the neighbours cat that believes Custard is THIER climbing frame* The engine is tidy, nothing leaks, squeaks grunts that shouldn’t. There are no spillage marks, no obvious leaks, she has a modern stereo and airbags. What’s not to like?

Jen loves Custard

Here Jen is proudly showing you the photo blinds of his big brother, D, giving him a piggy back. Cute

On the ramps

Custard’s first service, awwww. Yes, there are several balloons in her boot. (Number plate obscured for privacy, sorry)

I’m tagging @PinkOddy of, @ClaireyFairey of and @Needaphone of to have a go. I’ve showed you mine, now show me yours! 😉

This is my entry for the MSM Phota your Mota competition.

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