The Pre #BritMumsLive Post 42

Hiya, if you found me because you are attending Brit Mums and are having a nosey around blogs of other attendees, then welcome to my blog!

I’m Julie (Obviously, sorry) and I live in Gloucester. I have two children, both boys, D and Jen.
I adore my sons, but I struggle with them.


I do not hide that I have mental health issues – if I smile at you and make eye contact often but don’t speak that means I want to talk, to say “Hiya I’m Julie” but I’m too self-concious, too shy, afraid you won’t know me, and then I’ll be embarrassed even more.

Once I get past that, I think I’m chatty, friendly and a good listener. Things I like include cake, coffee, chocolate, cups of tea, and biccies. And this is why I’m trying hard to lose weight now before I skydive for Matilda. Not for vanity, but because the skydive place have a weight limit and I’m on that limit, eek!

My actual interests and hobbies are my pets (all 6 of them), blogging or tweeting, gardening and comping.

My guinea pig, Dotty, is an elderly guy – mistreated before we rehomed him (as a her!) last year. He is partially sighted, has bent feet and toes, wets himself and cries, squeals or purrs depending on what he wants to tell you. For example if I shout at the kids Dotty squeals a super high pitched squeal, defending the kids, awww. He is so caring and huggy, except where food is concerned, we think he was not fed for days on end in his “old life”.

We also have 2 chickens and 3 bunnies. I shouldn’t waffle on about them as well but the chickens are called Tikka and Fajita. Our bunnies are Patch, Bart and Mo. So I’m well and truly outnumbered by males in this house.

Before my breakdown (October) I worked in retail, it’s not for me. I would love to work for a charity like the RSPCA, or a formula one team, anyone except Ferrari.

For the moment though, I’m still out of work, doctors say no. I’m alone a lot at home these days, hence why I’ve taken to blogging more often. Some other bloggers have become friends of mine, and mean a lot to me. Sometimes wonderfully unexpected kindness happens, which is where Mummy Barrow comes in. I was having a rough patch and she surprised and cheered me up by offering me a ticket to BritMums. It had been sold out for ages, but now I’m coming because of her kind and generous gift. Also she is really sweet and caring, it’s lovely of Mrs B.

It’s brave for me to try cities alone, as one of the issues I’m seeing my therapist for is being frightened of strangers and panicy in public. But I want to network, to try to fit with my peers, to find friends. Normally I go everywhere with my sons.

Just after BritMums I am taking my driving test, now that’s really scary! But I’m highly motivated, I bought myself a car a few months back. I named her Custard, according to my blokey it’s “a girl thing to name a car”, so ladies what’s your car called?

Other unusual things about me, I’m ambidextrous, dyslexic, allergic to alcohol, tall and bisexual. I love strawberries, hate bananas. I love looking at stars at night but hate being outside after dark.

So, tell me something about yourself? Are you excited or nervous about BritMums, or both?

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42 thoughts on “The Pre #BritMumsLive Post

  • Claire

    Aw, that was lovely of Mummy Barrow. πŸ™‚

    I am nervous and excited! On one hand I feel better as now I have met you, Claire and Joy, but then remember there’s going to be LOADS of other people there too!

    Didn’t realise you’re actually allergic to alcohol πŸ™

    See you Friday!



    • JulieRoo Post author

      Yup, special I am, beer makes me very dizzy and feel sick – straight to hangover within 5-10 mins of drinking.
      Shots would hospitalise me. I was sniffing my drinks before drinking for a reason, fruit punch they had at that bar with or without alcohol would seem identical until a couple of sips too late.
      Totally unfair, I wanttttttt my Bailey’s latte coffee. πŸ˜‰

  • paul h


    From all the loony dads going to be at BML It’ll be good to meet every blogger that comes and says hi! I’ll make sure i’ll say hi to you!


  • Mrs C

    Hello *waves*

    Mummy Barrow is lovely isn’t she? I’m not yet sure how I feel about BritMums for the simple reason that I’m so disorganised at the moment that I haven’t really had time to think about how I feel! I’m guessing that by the day I may well feel a bit scared, but at the same time I’m also excited about getting to meet some people that I’ve got to know really well online. Hope we get to meet there.


  • Mammasaurus

    Hello! I’ll see you there! And I’m from Gloucester originally so listen out and you may hear the Glawster twang coming from my direction! x

  • Carolin

    Aww that’s really lovely. It’s silly saying “Don’t be afraid”, because I know you will be petrified. My OH struggles with severe mental health issues and has done so for the last 13 years, so I know how scary situations like going into a room of complete strangers can be. I get nervous myself, but there are so many lovely people there that I am sure that you will have a great time once you get chatting to people. In fact, I know you will do!

    Oh and if you need a hug or someone to chat to, tweet me @caro_mad and I’ll come running, because conferences can be fun and I’d love for you to go home and say: This was a great weekend!

    • JulieRoo Post author

      Hiya Caro πŸ˜‰ Luckily in crowds I go on autopilot, something called Dissociative Disorders if you’ve heard of that. But has down sides too unfortunately, but lovely to know I’ve an understanding person “on call” if I need you. So sweet. X

  • Aly

    I’ve been blogging for over 4 1/2 years and this is my first blogging conference (I’ve been to the smaller TOTS 100 blog camps/summits) so like you I’m in a bit of a dither.I suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and it takes a lot for me to go anywhere, even into town.I’m not alone, nor will you be.I have been a bit of a flapper this week getting ready for Friday (already started packing).I look forward to meeting you.

    • JulieRoo Post author

      I need to pack. Partner has got my case from the loft for me. Pretty much the only place I go alone is driving lessons, and my doctor/therapy appointments. So we have something in common…. If you have a panic attack just grab me, I understand! X

  • MummyNeverSleeps

    So glad you’re coming lovely πŸ™‚ I’m completely terrified too, but am really excited and have a feeling I’ll be in the best possible hands at BritMums πŸ™‚ See you there! EEK! x

    • JulieRoo Post author

      I’ve had that, blokey bought me a telescope for xmas but the orange glare of light pollution makes it impossible to focus in on them. I just love knowing I can see them as they were centuries ago, because they are so far away, that the light could be visible but the star might already have died or gone supernova. That I find amazing, and beautiful. I love power cut nights!

  • Rebecca

    Hellooooo! I hope you have a great time at Britmums. I’m just as nervous. Mainly because there will be so many people I think. I haven’t done any of the big conferences before. I guess it’s good to face your fears though.

  • Pinkoddy

    Good luck with the test. Are you going to do pass plus afterwards or is F going to take you on the motorway? I think it’s the easier as well as quickest route to my house. My husband named his car but I haven’t. Whoop roll on Friday

  • Jayne

    That Mummy B is one exceptional lady, but I also happen to know that she has Epic taste in friends too, which means you must be fab, I can’t wait to meet you! This is my third blogging conference in three years and I’m still nervous but I know there will be plenty of welcoming faces there. Have a safe journey, see you on Saturday!

  • Domestic Goddesque

    Thanks for writing this: it makes such a difference if you know that people are nervous in advance because you can look out for them. And frankly I don’t mind if you stand next to me all day and say nothing: I could talk the hind legs off a donkey. All of which is interesting because I am terrified when out of my comfort zone. No-one ever believes me, but I think I talk to compensate for my fear. Looking forward to looking out for you!

    • JulieRoo Post author

      Thank you! I hope we do meet, it’s starting talking I have issues with, joining in when asked things…. I can do this!

  • Mary Keynko

    You’re not alone in the nerves! We should have a secret nervous symbol, like everyone wearing a red rose is a scaredy cat so we know who to cling to! My first time too so we can all be nervous together!

  • jenny paulin

    nice to meet you and find out some interesting things about you. That Mummy B is very lovely and you will have a brillaint time at Britmumslive. i think you are brilliant for taking this step to attend. go you x x

  • Joanne Mallon

    Thanks for writing such an honest post – I think a lot of us will struggle in different ways, even if we don’t show it on the outside. Hope to see you at the weekend!

  • Alison Rothwell

    Loved your answers! I’m looking forward to BritMums Live too – should be a fab event.
    if you see me please stop and say hi as I’d love to connect πŸ™‚

    Best wishes