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Today I’ve been sorting old hand bags out. I had *cough* 6 fully loaded but abandoned hand bags. Some haven’t been touched for a year, I know this because they had “work” paperwork in.

Most of them had complete make up in, foundation, pressed powder, lipsticks and glosses, eye shadow and more.
Sadly some of this was out of date and some was dried up.


Amongst all the old make up I had a few nice compacts. My favourite was a big Boots No.7 Christmas gift set. I loved this, until the eye shadow smashed in my bag about a year and a half ago. I threw it in the cupboard black hole and forgot all about it.

I didn’t take a before photo as it was a spur of the moment sort of thing. But I had another Boots No.7 compact, just eyeshadow in this one, but the packaging itself had had it. It was a sort of plastic laminated card, and the plastic was all bubbled and cracked, frankly it looked like handbag roadkill. The actual shadows were lovely though, and I didn’t want to throw these away either.


So I prized those little metal tins that each shadow is in out of its package using a fruit knife. I cleaned out the big compact so I had a shiny clean metal base to stick my other eyeshadows in. I placed them in to work out the most secure way to fix them in and smothered the area in UHU glue and put them in their new places. I pushed these down hard using kitchen roll until the glue started to set.


Et voila, c’est trés bon!

I loved this large compact as it includes blusher, pressed powder, paint on lipstick, eye shadows, a proper glass mirror, and a few types of brushes. All neatly in one solid, and pretty, black plastic oval. It is the perfect running late kit, and was often used to hide a hangover looking face from the backseat of a bus to work. Result! All its missing really is an eye liner and liquid foundation.

Do you ever rescue your fave beauty items? Or upcycle things?

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