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Until I was contacted by Wicked Uncle I had never heard of them but I think it is a great concept. Kids birthdays can be hard, especially for finding gifts for your kids best friends. On wicked uncle’s website you chose the child’s age and gender and it suggests products. 


The mini volcano

To test the site for ease of use I passed D my laptop and told him the budget and “said shop for toys, you’ve got 15 minutes. Go!” What he choose was this mini volcano light and a funky plasma ball. Both items were found in his age range, he’s 12 almost 13 and the volcano was found under “teen boy” whilst the plasma light was found under “12 year old boy” so pretty much spot on.

D very much likes his volcano and leaves it running when he’s doing homework.  It is battery powered,  but it’s cheap to run as we use rechargeable batteries. The plasma ball looks amazing at night, like a gentle lightning storm without the thunder noises. The plasma ball has a lead and plug, it doesn’t give off much light, so please don’t buy this as a lamp. As a geek/nerd gift though it’s fabulous,  D can’t stop touching it when it’s plugged in as he loves the weird tingling feeling it gives his finger tips. D rates it as 7/10 but he’s a fussy chap, I would rate the service as a whole at 9/10. I am rubbish at present shopping,  and I very much like that Wicked Uncle steer clear of the branded products like Marvel or Disney Princess images adorned across not so good toys. The number of times Jen has almost demanded awful toys in shops just because it has Pixar Cars pictures on it is insane.

Wicked Uncle can send the gifts straight to the child you are shopping for,  even gift wrapped and with a hand written card if you want (costs extra). You can set up birthday reminders for the little people’s birthdays you might forget,  like Nieces and Nephews. 

I think the pricing isn’t too bad either,  the volcano was £18 at Wicked Uncle but we saw it for sale in a local gift shop for £26.99!

It’s a thumbs up from us. 

Disclosure : I was given a gift voucher that covered most of the cost. The photo/video is our own as are the words.

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