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Since the election “Exit Polls” went live, and then the final counted results came in the country came to a bit of a shocked standstill. Almost nobody I know voted Blue, or said they would be voting that way. Yet after the event it seems rather a lot of people did vote Blue. I’m all for choice, but I can’t say it was my choice.



Either way it is decided now, the choice remains for the next five years. Nothing will change who is in power for five years, so we might as well try to embrace the change. I think all parties can get it wrong, but at the end of the day all politicians are real people. Fingers crossed things settle down now as its been a fortnight since the big count. In the first few days all the drama and protesting was a bit worrying, I get the “shock” after the results but I wouldn’t get aggressive over it.


In the first few days after the results it was the only thing on Social Media – seeing long term friends debating over the results. I tried to stay out of the chats but I’ve got a big mouth me. I don’t agree 100% with any of the parties policies but the way I see it there’s no point moaning now. Maybe I’ll get my choice in five years time, if not I might just have to move to Brighton. ☺


That’s the thing about elections, it’s hard to predict. This time round even more so, I really didn’t see it coming. On about “seeing it coming” have you heard of TheCircle* for Tarot readings and predictions? I used to ask a local lady to do my cards and I don’t know if it was just the power of suggestion, or if she had a talent but some of the things she said did happen.


My Nan always said I had “the gift” of knowing what was coming, and I admit that some of the things I’ve predicted have freaked me out a touch. Like the time I’d just started a new job and I told a 16 year old colleague she was pregnant. I’d only just met her, but I felt it strongly and it popped out “you are pregnant, did you know?” – unsurprisingly she looked at me like I’d lost the plot. A week or so later she got unexpectedly sick, and was put in hospital for tests, she wasn’t ill, it was indeed a pregnancy related Morning Sickness type of issue.


a British suburban road

A typical British road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Then there’s cars and roads, I’ve had strong feelings of dread about certain roads or friends who are travelling. I won’t tell you about my friends crash online (except to say it involved a lorry), but I’ll happily talk about the time I avoided being in a coach crash. I worked for a large company with many branches – our store was asked to send staff to cover another branch. Myself and two others were put in a taxi and off the driver went down the back roads towards the motorway. As we got on the motorway I got extremely frightened but kept my fear in check and calmly said to this driver “you need to go back on the back roads again. There’s going to be a bus crash.” I felt that look from my colleagues and the driver but I was insistent I Did Not want to be on this road. He diverted and we arrived at the other store a bit later than agreed but the store manager was pleased to see us. He said something like I thought you’d be later because of the  big crash. What crash I ask, it was a crash involving a coach and a few cars just after the junction where I forced our taxi driver to get off that road, just minutes after we change route. The young female colleague went a bit pale and said thank you to me when she realised we were on course for that crash. We were meant to be in that crash, wrong place wrong time, I’m so glad I risked ridicule and said it out loud.



Have you ever had strong feelings you can’t explain? Did it happen? Do you believe in predictions at all?




Disclosure : This is a collaborative post with TheCircle.


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One thought on “Did you predict the election results?

  • William Gould

    I think people got scared that the “Evil Scottish Witch” would end up holding the balance of power. Dread to think what would have happened is she did…..