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OK, this isn’t likely to be something all my readers would be interested in but I am offering you the chance to win advertising space on my blog. Bloggers, small businesses’ and charities are my ideal advertisers.


Why am I doing this? Feel free to have a read around my blog, and you’ll see I did this last year. I jumped from a plane last year for Matilda Mae, the late daughter of a friend. She was 9 months old and died from SIDS, she went to bed and never woke up. Reading about it got to me, I had to help, I had to do something. What can I do that is big enough? That can change things? That will help someone? That will mean something? So we skydived – jumping from the clouds, as near to heaven as you can be. I am terrified of heights, I properly cried – and I am terrified again as this years skydive is on the 2nd August. But I want to help.

I am willing to host relevant adverts, such as from other bloggers, normally for a low fee. But until I skydive I want to “sell advert space” on Julie’s Notebook to help fundraise for the Matilda Mae skydive. I need to raise at least £400, but want more like £600 really. Skydiving is scary as heck, but it’s for charity, so I’ve got to quit crying and jump!

What’s the prize I hear you mumble. I will pick out 3 winners (at random) to win either a 250 x 250 pixel advert for 1 month, or a 125 x 125 pixel advert for 2 months. You will need a basic logo to use as the advert, but I can knock up a quick one a bit like the image above if you need me to.


If you want to win an advert please use the Rafflecopter competition widget below. If you want to sponsor my skydive for Matilda Mae then please go to my charity page and donate £3 or more for a month with a 125 x 125 image, or £5 or more for a 250 x 250 advert for the month. If I get lots of adverts they will automatically rotate so they all get shown. Winners adverts will get the same amount of exposure as those that have donated.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms are in the Rafflecopter widget, please do read them. Thank you so much.


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